Ängelina Dehn, known best by her stage name Ängie, is a young post-emo pop star from Sweden.

Appearance Edit

Ängie's style includes many pastel colours, soft textures, and dark makeup. Her hair is often dyed, although she occasionally lets it grow through her naturally hair colour (dirty blonde).

Another large part of Ängie's aesthetic is roses and other flowers. She takes a liking to flower crowns, and she also has several tattoos with roses.
Queen Angie

Ängelina at a photo shoot.

Early LifeEdit

Ängelina was born in 1995 in the country of Sweden. She has a personal YouTube channel where she has been posting vlogs for a while now.

While she was younger, she didn't get along with her parents and had difficulties at home. She lived in a homophobic town, which discouraged her because of her bisexuality. She still describes herself as "weird, suicidal, happy, emotional, [and] pink".


Ängie calls her music "cute, but hard". Her debut single was named "Smoke Weed Eat Pussy", followed by "Housewife Spliffin " and, most recently, "Spun ".

She recieves some backlash for her explicit style. "It's not the biggest thing in the world to say 'Smoke weed' or 'Eat pussy'. Yung Lean does it all the time, and Snoop Dogg." She claimed in an interview. "It's just so weird."

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