Ängelina has spoke about her family in interviews in the past. She mentions how she was home alone a lot of the time, and her relationships were difficult.

Relatives Edit

Her parents led hard lives. Her mother drank a lot and her dad was in prison “for many reasons”, meaning she had to take care of herself.

Ängie also mentioned her older brother in an interview. She says, "Me and my big brother were like Beavis & Butthead. You know, stealing the neighbours' flowers. Teaching the young kids all the cool cuss words and sort of taking what we wanted."

Pets Edit

In the music video for "Housewife Spiffin'", Ängie is holding her tiny puppy. They have one eye and are supposedly a Corgi.

Angie Doggi

Ängie and her pet dog.

In the same video, she is seen with a goose that may also be her pet, though it is unlikely as such birds are not usually kept as pets.
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