These are all of the tattoos that Ängie currently has. She has at least 15 different known tattoos:

Inked Angie

Ängelina showing off her ink.

  1. The Venus symbol on her right hand
  2. The word "ANGEL" on her forehead
  3. A single flower and the letter M on her lower chest
  4. A large rose between her right shoulder and her elbow
  5. A bunch of mandalas between her right elbow and her wrist
  6. The name "Jennifer Lin" below her right collarbone
  7. The name "Lou Reed" inside a heart on her left arm
  8. A butterfly design on her hip
  9. A small unknown design by her right ear
  10. Unknown lettering inside a heart on her left thigh
  11. Three dots on her left index, middle and ring fingers
  12. A large rose surrounded by several smaller roses between her left elbow and her wrist
  13. A snake eating flowers on her arm
  14. A pair of magic hands surrounded by roses on her left leg
  15. A hand holding a cigarette and a rose on her right leg
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